Mar 9, 2016
Reducing the Risks of Concussions

Studies confirm new training and playing techniques reduce the incidence, risks and costs of concussions

X2 Biosystems Concussion Management System proves to be key element in changing behaviors

Several landmark studies published by leading concussion researchers in 2015 showed that safer training and playing techniques that incorporated the X2 Biosystems X-Patch wearable impact sensors achieved 30% to 70% reductions in the incidence of head impacts that can lead to concussion injuries.

That’s a big reduction! And with concussions now top of mind for all coaches, trainers and athletic directors, those numbers should make everyone take a closer look at X2.

These studies, published in respected publications including the Journal of Athletic Training, Journal of Biosensors and Bioelectronics and Journal of Neurosurgery, as well as by USA Football, provide the hard data that confirms how the X-Patch can help change behaviors, and reduce the incidence, risks and costs of concussions.

So what is X2 Biosystems’ solution? It’s a complete Concussion Management System that includes the X-Patch Pro wearable impact sensor, X2 Impact Management System (IMS) app, and the X2 Integrated Concussion Evaluation (ICE) app.

ICE is already the leading tablet computer implementation of the internationally standardized SCAT3 test for athlete concussion evaluations, and it’s used for baseline testing, post-impact sideline assessments, and return-to-play monitoring by the National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL), and Major League Soccer (MLS), as well as many schools, universities, athletic clubs, and amateur and professional sports teams around the world. In 2015, X2’s original X-Patch became the world’s most widely deployed and tested wearable head impact monitoring device.

Now, X2 Biosystems has released the X-Patch Pro, a smaller, lighter and significantly more technologically advanced wearable head impact sensor that improves usability and performance.

The X-Patch Pro is a universal impact monitoring solution for any athletic activity that can be worn both as a skin-affixed sensor or incorporated into a wide variety of athletic, military, and industrial protective gear. The sensor records head impacts and sends the data via Bluetooth to X2’s PC, tablet, and smartphone Impact Management System (IMS) app, where it enables impacts to be instantly visualized, with automated analytics and reporting that supports immediate action.

The advances that the X-Patch Pro brings expand the use of wearable sensors in youth, high school, collegiate, and pro sports, as well as military training.

So, how does the X2 Biosystems Concussion Management System work?

  • The X2 ICE app supports baseline testing and post-injury assessments of your athletes’ neurocognitive performance, along with documentation of remove-from-play decisions, recovery, and return-to-play readiness.
  • The innovative X-Patch Pro impact sensors are worn behind the athlete’s ear during practices and games, using a small athletic adhesive strip. The sensor records head impacts and sends the data via Bluetooth to the Impact Management System (IMS) app on your tablet, for instant viewing and immediate action.
  • All athlete ICE and IMS data is saved to the X2 cloud platform, providing analytics, automated reporting, and a detailed historical record of impacts, neurocognitive performance, and actions over time.
  • Add it all up and it’s clear that X2 Biosystems is becoming a major contributor to advancements in concussion safety. Learn more at

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