Jan 6, 2016
Moshak, Tenn. Settle Pay Discrimination Suit

Former University of Tennessee Associate Director of Sports Medicine Jenny Moshak, along with two former Vols’ strength coaches, will receive a combined $1.05 million from the university to settle a pay discrimination lawsuit.

As reported by the Knoxville News Sentinel, the three former Tennessee staffers—Jenny Moshak, Heather Mason, and Collin Schlosser—filed pay discrimination complaints in 2010 and then a lawsuit in 2012 for discrimination and retaliation. The trio alleged that the school paid less to female employees or those who worked with women’s teams.

Moshak will receive $345,000, Mason, $277,500, and Schlosser, $127,500. According to court documents, half of that money will be compensation for “alleged wage-based damages” and the other half will be for “alleged non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.” In addition, the three will have their attorney’s fees—between $300,000 and $475,000—paid.

The university, which claimed that pay differences resulted from different job responsibilities and market value, said in a statement that the money will come from the athletic department. It also stated that the settlement was not an admission of guilt.

“The University believed that settling this matter at this time was in the best long-term interest of the University. The University unequivocally denies that any of the three former employees suffered any discrimination or retaliation. The settlement is not an admission of liability or any wrongdoing by the University.”

Attorneys representing the three plaintiffs released the following statement:

“The resolution of this matter stands as a testament to the importance of equality for women in sports and those working with women in sports. This settlement sends a clear message to collegiate decision-makers nationwide that disparity in pay, opportunity, funding, participation or otherwise is unacceptable in this day and time.”

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