May 13, 2016
Inside the Weightroom with Kentucky Coach Corey Edmond

At the University of Kentucky, football Strength and Conditioning Coach Corey Edmond is respected by coaches and student-athletes allike. His quiet yet serious demeanor helps the weightroom be a positive experience for everyone, as reported by

“We’re with him more than anyone here,” UK tight end C.J. Conrad told “He’s not going out recruiting; he’s not gone. He’s here 365 days a year. He’s always here, always asking if we want to do extra work.”

Edmond commands attention, but not through volume. Instead, he speaks quietly and is known for being a man of few words.

“When you yell all the time, yell 24-7 the guys never know what’s important,” Edmond told “When you talk quietly, guys listen intensely. You have to really lock in to hear what I’m saying.”

Edmond also avoids laughing in the weightroom, which he says is not always easy.

“One of the hardest things in my life is seeing so much funny stuff and keeping a straight face,” Edmond told “Some funny stuff happens in here, but when you’re a strength coach, you can’t laugh because then they’ll know they can make you laugh.”

Although his approach during workouts is all business, Edmond spends time talking about life outside the weightroom with the student-athletes. As a result, he has built a strong relationship with many players.

“We all love him,” UK linebacker Courtney Love told “He’s a father figure. We spend the majority of our time in the offseason with him training, really one on one with him. He just pushes us in every way. Off the field, school, our faith. He pushes us day in and day out.”


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