Sep 9, 2015
How Heidens Work

Heidens are a fantastic asset in your athlete training toolbox, and athletes love them. The Heiden addresses the foundation of most athletic movements: moving from one foot to the other through the frontal plane, moving into the sagittal plane, and then going back to the frontal plane again. These key movements are required of athletes playing most sports today. Here’s how to get started:

Using the following Heiden progressions, you can build the athlete’s ability to produce force in the frontal plane (think lateral power), increase the athlete’s ability to absorb force and stabilize on one foot during the landing, as well as teach how to rebound off that force.

This video highlights a few variations that you can employ in your weight room, including:

• The basic Heiden, develops lateral power and force absorption through familiarizing the athlete with the sideways leap, landing on one foot and rebounding back.

• To engage reactivity in the frontal plane, try the second variation: perform the basic Heiden, but have the athlete stop and hold before repeating to other side

• To familiarize the athlete with change of direction, try the Heiden with a 90º rotation to the front before landing.

• The perpendicular Heiden will also strengthens body redirection and orientation. Begin with the basic Heiden, and after landing  once, have them leap in an “L-shape” or perpendicular direction,  rather than returning to start.

Be sure to coach the lower body form shown in the videos, as well as the arm swings to maximize results.

So put a smile on your athletes faces and let them leap through the air and feel like—well, athletes today!


To view more exercises, click on the complete interactive guide below:

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