Oct 5, 2017
Enabling Informed Decisions

With so many different wearable devices available, it can be a burden to pull all of your athletes’ data into one spot and pinpoint patterns, trends, and correlations. Kinduct’s Athlete Management System eliminates this hassle, providing sport organizations with the right information and tools to drive improvement and produce measurable results.

“Kinduct is a data aggregation analytic and recommendation engine focused on health and wellness, with a keen interest in improving outcome for athletes,” says CEO and Founder Travis McDonough. “Our platform allows coaching staff to make informed decisions from clinically objective data, while spending more time with their athletes and less time looking at spreadsheets.”

Using a dynamic reporting engine, Kinduct’s athlete management system ingests and houses collected data from each of your athletes’ wearable devices. This information is then packaged and presented in a way that enables a coaching staff to quickly and reliably identify areas of strength, opportunities for improvement, and potential risks for injury. To help utilize provided data, Kinduct also supplies athlete-specific programming chosen from a library of high performance exercises and nutrition plans.

Further improving athlete performance, Kinduct’s highly secure, cloud-based platform will continually monitor and track each data set. Any time an athlete goes above or below a certain threshold, a notification will be sent to the coaching staff so a change can be made, keeping the athlete on course and on top of their game. A deep communication infrastructure then allows communication between respective individuals, enhancing collaboration within any organization.

“Data elicitation devices are going to continue to proliferate,” says McDonough. “Organizations will need to have a software backbone that can ingest data sets and make sense of them to make the right decisions for their athletes, and that’s what the Kinduct Athlete Management System does.”


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