Feb 11, 2015
Company News: Improved Outcomes

The new Dynatron Solaris Plus 707 is a device with one-of-a-kind diversity and the capacity of facilitating improved outcomes while saving both time and money. Never before has one device offered so many options: tri-wave light, soft tissue manipulation using heat or cold with stim, five channels of stim including IFC, Premod, IFC/Premo Fixed Frequency, Biphasic, Hi-Volt, Russian, and Microcurrent. The 707 allows the practitioner to use two ThermoStim probes at the same time.

The ThermoStim probe is a one-of-a-kind soft-tissue mobilization tool that allows a practitioner to deliver heat or cold therapy in combination with electrical stimulation, reducing the time it would take to deliver three separate treatments individually while facilitating the improved outcomes that every practitioner seeks.

The versatility of the 707 does not stop there. Two Tri-Wave Light Probes and two sets of robust 5″ x 7″ Light Pads can also be operated simultaneously, delivering any combination of three-wavelengths of light (red, infrared, and blue). The formidable capabilities of the 707 also include the power to deliver up to five channels of Stim–all at the same time. Never has one device offered so many options capable of facilitating improved outcomes, and saving time and money.

About the Company:

Dynatronics manufactures and distributes advanced-technology medical devices, treatment tables, traction packages, rehabilitation equipment, and more than 12,000 products and supplies at competitive prices. Backed by a nationwide sales force, Dynatronics can quickly respond to your every need. For equipment demonstrations call 800-874-6251. Save even more by ordering online at www.dynatronics.com.

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