Jan 29, 2015
Coldtub Makes Life Easier

Until last summer, Jason Ellenbecker, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer at Hamline University, was getting by with two standard whirlpools in his athletic training room. That all changed in July, when the school purchased a PolarPool from Coldtub. Now Ellenbecker can’t imagine going back to how things were.
“Everything about it stands out,” says Ellenbecker. “It maintains a cold temperature. It cools itself so you’re not forced to add ice after a while. It’s also virtually self-sanitizing, so it can be used without draining. You can also fit multiple athletes in at once, so it’s must more convenient.”

With a traditional whirlpool, Ellenbecker had to fill it up with water each day, add ice to make it cold, and drain it at the end of the day. Sometimes, he would have to drain the tub multiple times each day depending on how many athletes used it, in order to keep it clean. That’s not the case with Coldtub.

“With this product, you don’t have to do that at all,” he says. “It sanitizes the water that’s in there and cools itself. It’s really a no-brainer.”

Ellenbecker also likes that the PolarPool is more environmentally friendly. “So many universities and campuses are trying to go green and conserve resources and frankly, if you’re draining hundreds of gallons of water every single day and filling it up and using ice, those are wasted resources,” he says. “With Coldtub, the water doesn’t go anywhere, it stays right in the tub. From an environmental standpoint, it’s fantastic because you’re not wasting resources.

“And for the convenience of our staff, there’s no draining at the end of the day and there’s no extra cleaning you have to do,” Ellenbecker continues. “The tub does it all by itself. At the end of the day you cover it up and walk away. The other tubs had to be drained and sanitized on a daily basis.”

Adding Coldtub to the athletic training room at Hamline has also had recruiting benefits. “One of the big things for Coldtub is when you buy some of their models, you can have the university logo put on the front of the unit,” Ellenbecker says. “We had our logo put on the front. That’s huge when recruits come on campus. They come into the athletic training facility and look around, and they see a nice whirlpool with our logo on it. Many of the athletes are amazed when they first see it.

“Not only does it look amazing, but it does an amazing job,” he continues. “It does exactly what the athletes are looking for.”

Ellenbecker would recommend the product to anyone looking to upgrade his or her athletic training room. “It’s such an amazing product,” he says. “I really encourage anybody who’s looking to changing what they have to look at this product. This is maintenance free. You can walk it right through a standard size door without any problem. It’s not terribly heavy. You can even take it outside if you wanted to. It’s just an all-around tremendous piece of equipment.”

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