May 1, 2016
Class Provides Boost to Florida Football Players

With benefits ranging from increased energy levels to decreased risk of injury, nutrition programs have become increasingly important in athletics. At the University of Florida, the football team is working closely with the department’s coordinator of sports nutrition to achieve its goals, as reported by 

Along with creating an individual plan that considers the player’s position, lifestyle, and overall goals, Collier Perno, University of Florida Coordinator of Sports Nutrition, teaches a class three times each week for the players. During the class, which has a different topic each week, the players get to see a food demo and learn about how and why it will work.

“One of the things we really focus on rather than weighing out their food, we try to use really normal things to help educate them,” Stephanie Wilson, University of Florida Director of Sports Nutrition told “We might say a fist of carbs or a palm of protein, those types of verbiage, or a baseball size piece of fruit. Then tell them how many they should be aiming for.”

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