May 18, 2020
Building power and strength in the football player

Power and strength are two necessary traits for any successful football player. The ability to drive with explosiveness, win one-on-one battles, and make positive plays all come from the power and strength of a player.

But how does a player build power and strength in the weight room? An article posted on American Football International details a two-exercise combo that can build up both qualities in a player.

The combination of the power clean and front squat is both difficult and intense, but the benefits are tangible.

football playerSome of the benefits the article detailed include:

  • Football movements are never performed in isolation, so combining the two movements simulates how muscles are recruited during a game.
  • Performing the power clean for low reps at roughly 90% max has proven to increase gains when performed only twice per week.
  • Increasing the front squat weight after a short rest period recruits large lower-body motor units and fast-twitch fibers, enhancing explosive power and max strength.

The article suggests warming with light weights and doing sets of one power clean, one squat clean, and one front squat three or four times, each time gradually working up your starting weight. Then switch back and forth between the exercises with varying rest times in between for a total of four to five sets.

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The author does note at the end of the article that these are advanced combination exercises and athletes should be comfortable performing both exercises before adding substantial weight.

To read the full story and breakdown of American Football International’s two-exercise workout combo to build power in strength in football players, click here

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