Jan 29, 2015
Announcing a program to order Custom Protective Apparel (CPA) for an injured athlete.

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New–for any athletic trainer, equipment manager, coach, or sports medicine professional. Often, there is a need to provide specific anatomy area protection when a standard padded garment doesn’t meet the necessary requirement. Along with their standard protective apparel, Stromgren Athletics, a division of Cramer Products, now offers the Custom Protective Apparel (CPA) System.

CPA is designed to provide specific anatomy protection to an individual’s injury–such as calf, kidney, sternum, rib and abdomen. A variety of compression and moisture-wicking garments are fitted with different types of thicknesses of pads which can provide protection to a specific area of injury.

Each garment is custom-made and will be priced separately based on the amount of time and materials needed to manufacture your product.

Order directly from Stromgren Athletics, the manufacturer of the CPA System.

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“Stromgren did an amazing job customizing a sternum padded shirt for our men’s basketball player who kept taking elbows to the sternum. We took a couple simple measurements, called into Stromgren, they customized a dri fit shirt with a pad that was in the exact perfect spot and our player never had another problem the rest of the year! The process was so quick and easy!”

Greg Seier, MSE, ATC-L, CSCS
Head Athletic Trainer
Doane College

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