Dec 1, 2020
Advance client results with content-driven incline training

{Sponsored} Incline Training is not new – we’d know, because we invented it! But are you harnessing its full potential and helping your clients achieve the impressive results that incline training can provide?

The newly launched Freemotion i22.9 Incline Trainer is now powered by iFit® – the world’s leading on-demand fitness streaming platform – giving this much-loved Incline Trainer a dynamic upgrade.

Featuring thousands of on-demand iFit workouts led by elite coaches, a stunning 22 in (55 cm) HD capacitive touchscreen, an industry-leading 30% incline and -3% decline, and 1-STEP™ Controls for speed, incline, and decline, the i22.9 Incline Trainer provides your clients with the ability to build muscle and burn calories faster, through a motivating, interactive, and engaging workout experience.

But why is incline training so effective, and how can the iFit content take it to the next level?

Research* shows that incline training is a great way to enhance results compared to more traditional forms of exercise – allowing your clients to build lower-body muscles while improving their cardiovascular fitness.

Walking or running at an incline increases muscle activation throughout the posterior chain and delivers an excellent workout – especially for the glutes. Walking at an incline also increases muscle activation: at 27% incline and above, glutes fire at 100%, hamstrings at 73%, and calf muscles at 90%.

Additionally, incline training is the perfect solution to help improve your clients’ biomechanics, increasing their efficiency by subconsciously improving their form. This forces a faster step turnover and shorter, more efficient strides.

Incline Training also facilitates a shift to a mid-foot strike and optimal toe push-off, rather than the less productive and injury-prone heel-strike used by many runners. Your clients will feel their calf muscles, hamstrings, and glutes activate as they reduce braking forces and achieve optimal power.

The Freemotion Incline Trainer also provides the ability for decline training. Often omitted, decline training can better prepare your clients for outdoor running / races and improve their postural awareness. As the equipment forces the body to decelerate, decline training will also help clients develop their eccentric strength.

Want to really put your clients through their paces? The unique rear motor design of the i22.9 Incline Trainer creates the platform for dynamic agility training – like side shuffles, high knee skipping, and carioca. You can progress clients’ workouts by practicing these athletic movement patterns without the incline and, when ready, increase the incline to increase the muscle challenge and cardiovascular intensity.

So, how can the iFit content be used to drive client engagement and results?

Today’s world is made up of content-hungry consumers and operators are moving faster than ever to implement content-driven experiences.

The i22.9 Incline Trainer – part of Freemotion’s groundbreaking, content-driven 22 SERIES – integrates best-in-class product design with iFit’s industry-leading digital content, providing users with access to an ever-expanding library of incredible interactive, immersive, coach-led workouts.

Available in multiple languages and filmed in breathtaking locations across the globe, from Paris to Patagonia, as well as in-studio, the i22.9 Incline Trainer offers limitless training options to excite and inspire your clients. Essentially, enabling your clients to become worldwide explorers while working out.

Redefining what it means to be “content-driven,” Freemotion’s 22 SERIES products feature interactive, auto-adjusting technology that controls the speed, resistance, incline, and/or decline in sync with the coach’s commands and on-screen terrain.

By accurately simulating the topography of the iFit Global Workouts, the technology places the user “inside the workout,” allowing them to live every step or pedal stroke for a uniquely immersive experience. As there is no need to manually adjust the machine, the user can focus on their workout and make every second count – boosting performance and outcomes.

Thanks to iFit, exercisers can also map their own routes – or select prestigious race routes – using Google Maps™, such as the Boston Marathon route, and experience the interactive, auto-adjusting technology to bring the workout to life.

Trainers benefit from the interactive content to significantly increase clients’ motivation and adherence to their sessions/programs, delivering results.

By elevating the benefits of incline training through these unique and pioneering features, the iFit-powered i22.9 Incline Trainer provides the ultimate content-led, results-driven cardio experience. Running and walking will never be the same again!

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*Based on a university study comparing flat surface walking/running to incline training.

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