Jan 29, 2015
A Proactive Approach

By R.J. Anderson

By now, you’ve read countless articles about kinetic chain assessments and movement screening. But how many times have you seen these exams in action? Click the arrow at the bottom of this page to watch a video of Northeastern University Sports Performance’s proactive approach to injury management and performance improvement.

Instead of waiting for an injury to occur, the Sports Performance team, which includes members of Northeastern’s Sports Medicine and Strength & Conditioning departments, uses a collaborative approach to predict and prevent future injuries. The Sports Performance team performs biomechanical assessments to address each athlete’s underlying movement impairments, range of motion differences, and strength ratios. Included in the assessment process is Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Screen.

Armed with data from the screens, the team creates strategies to decrease injuries and increase performance levels. In the video, Art Horne, MEd, ATC, CSCS, Interim Director of Sports Performance at Northeastern, and Dan Boothby, MS, CSCS, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Northeastern, show athletes undergoing biomechanical analysis. They also share lessons they’ve learned about implementing corrective exercise and providing solutions for common injuries.

A regular contributor to T&C, Horne has written about the many physical and mental benefits of sleep for today’s athletes (“The ZZZ Factor“). He has also discussed staying current in the field by hosting an educational seminar. And in March, Horne described using barefoot training as a cutting-edge approach for improving movement efficiency, balance, and kinetic chain integrity in athletes.

R.J. Anderson is the Online Editor at
Training & Conditioning.

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