Jan 29, 2015
2013 NATA Award Winners

The NATA has announced its 2013 Hall of Fame Class, Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer honorees, and other various award winners. These accomplishments will be recognized during ceremonies held at the 64th Annual Meeting & Clinical Symposia from June 24-­27 in Las Vegas. And the winners are …

Hall of Fame Class of 2013
Ron Courson, ATC, PT, NREMT
Robert Kersey, PhD, ATC, CSCS
R.T. Floyd, EdD, ATC, CSCS
Ralph Reiff, MEd, ATC, LAT
Charles Thompson, MS, ATC

Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer
Donald Bagnall, ATC, EMT
Ned Bergert, MS, ATC
Doug Casa, PhD, ATC, FNATA
Michael Chisar, MPT, ATC, SCS
Cynthia Clivio, MEd, ATC
Mark Coberley, MS, ATC, LAT
Brian Conway, ATC
Joe Greene, MS, ATC
Michael Higgins, PhD, ATC, PT, CSCS
Mark Hoffman, PhD, ATC
Jennifer Hootman, PhD, ATC, FNATA, FACSM
Mitzi Laughlin, PhD, ATC, LAT
Tara Lepp, MS, ATC
Carl Mattacola, PhD, ATC, FNATA
Gayle Olson, MS, ATC
Ron O’Neil, ATC
Rochel Rittgers, ATC
David Stuckey, ATC, LAT
Timothy Uhl, PhD, ATC, PT

Athletic Trainer Service Award
Aric Warren, EdD, ATC, CSCS
Billy Ray Laxton, MEd, ATC, LAT
Robert O’Malley, MEd, ATC
Bruce McCrary, MEd, ATC, LAT
David Schultz, MEd, ATC
David Berry, PhD, AT, ATC
David Edell, ATC, LAT, CSCS
David Weir, ATC, LAT
Dean Wennerberg, MS, ATC, CSCS
Deanna Errico, DPT, ATC, PT
George Wham, EdD, ATC, SCAT
Greg “Charles” Limbach, ATC
James Malseed, MEd, ATC
Jennifer Johnson, MS, ATC
John Carda, MSEd, ATC
John Locke, EdD, LAT, ATC
John Moyer, ATC
Kenneth Cole, MS, ATC, LAT
Mark Coberley, MS, ATC, LAT
Patricia Tripp, PhD, ATC, CSCS
Randell Matthews, PhD, ATC, CSCS
Lonnie Davis, MSS, ATC, LAT
Richard Frazee, MS, ATC, LAT
Rick Proctor, EdD, ATC, LAT
Robert Hammons, ATC, LAT
Scott, Westermann, ATC
Michael “Scott” Zema, MEd, ATC
Susan Norkus, PhD, ATC

Honorary Membership
Diane Hillard-­Sembell
John Oliver
Kenneth Zisholz

NATA Fellows
Mark Merrick, PhD, ATC
John Powell, PhD, AT, ATC
Bill Holcomb, PhD, ATC, LAT
Gail Weldon

Award of Excellence
Jill Manners, MS, ATC, PT

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