2017 September (Volume XXVII, No. 06)

Call for Caution

With elite athletes like Rafael Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo using stem cell therapy and Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods having received platelet-rich plasma injections for knee injuries, regenerative medicine treatments are making headlines. But are they a good option for youth and adolescent athletes?.. more »

Change of Mind

After musculoskeletal injury, the brain alters the way athletes process movement. To reset things, athletic trainers must target the brain during rehab… more »

Covering Concussions

While a lot of work has gone into ensuring high school athletes with concussions receive proper treatment, there has been less focus on how to pay for such medical care. Some governing bodies and schools are solving this by offering separate concussion insurance… more »

Feed the Need

Seeing that sports nutrition awareness was lacking among its high school clients, a Pittsburgh health system filled the gap with on-campus visits from dietitians and fueling stations… more »

Filling a Fueling Gap

With high school athletes spending more time in the weightroom than ever before, they need proper nutrition to stay healthy and make gains. But if lunchtime is early in the day, they rarely have a chance to refuel before strength training after school. That was a dilemma Philip Crutchfield looked to solve when he became Athletic Director at Eastside High School in Gainesville, Fla., in April 2016… more »

Getting Through

A new educational program is arming high school athletes with knowledge about catastrophic injuries and spreading awareness about the sports medicine profession at the same time… more »

Girl Power

Last April, out-of-season female athletes at Virginia Tech added a new line to their athletic resumes — ninja skills. They earned this badge through the daylong Hokie Women’s Ninja Warrior Challenge led by Megan Evans, MSEd, CSCS, Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning for Olympic Sports… more »

Push Forward

To connect with today’s athletes and keep them progressing, strength coaches should provide direction, motivation, and an environment in which they can succeed… more »

Serve Its Purpose

By focusing on maximal strength and power, conditioning, and competitions, the offseason training regimen for Creighton University volleyball achieves its goal–ensuring the team hits its peak in the fall… more »

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