2015 July/August (Volume XXV, No. 05)

A Gracious Guest

More and more sports organizations are hiring contract athletic trainers to cover their events. What are the best ways to make the relationship work?.. more »

Catching Up with Vern Gambetta

For longtime readers of Training & Conditioning, Vern Gambetta’s byline is as familiar as a comfortable pair of gym shoes. After writing his first article for our magazine in 1992, Gambetta, MA, quickly became the most prolific author to grace our pages. A pioneer in the strength training profession and considered the founding father of functional training, he has offered cutting-edge viewpoints on everything from sport-specific speed training to using slide boards… more »

Mind Over Matter

At the University of Missouri, mental toughness is a skill developed like any other. By getting players motivated, prepared, focused, and emotionally strong, they are ready for anything on game day. .. more »

Step By Step

Cutting, sprinting, jumping, landing — athletes rely on their ankles for a lot. In this three-part article, athletic trainers share how they managed a trio of different ankle injuries… more »

Triple Threat

Swimming, biking, and running each have their unique physical demands. When training triathletes, a strength coach has to be sure to meet all of them… more »

Under Control

For athletes with chronic illnesses, proper nutrition can be the key to limiting symptoms and keeping them in the game. Here, three authors share how they used diet to manage Crohn’s disease, PCOS, and an enzyme deficiency… more »

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