2015 December (Volume XXV, No. 09)

An Inside Look

The dietary needs of female athletes are often buried behind misrepresentation or misinformation. Our expert shines some light on the topic… more »

Catching Up with Maria Hutsick

Few athletic trainers have had their name appear in our pages more than Maria Hutsick, MS, ATC, LAT, CSCS. That’s because few have had a career as influential and trailblazing as hers… more »

Form & Function

A keen attention to detail during offseason training has helped the University of Florida baseball team develop the physical and mental discipline needed to earn six consecutive NCAA Division I tournament berths… more »

In the Moment

Through mindfulness meditation, student-athletes at West Virginia University are learning to be aware of the present and shut out distractions, leading to enhanced performance both on the field and off… more »

Lasting Impressions: Mentoring your fellow athletic trainer

An unwritten part of an AT’s job description, mentoring has a long tradition in the profession. Here’s how to provide the right guidance… more »

Nebraska Strength and Conditioning Principles

The following are the “Ten Principles for Strength and Conditioning” developed by Boyd Epley at the University of Nebraska in 1991… more »

Vocal Advocates: Discussing VCD-EILO in athletes

Often mistaken for asthma and triggered by intense exercise, VCD-EILO occurs when an athlete’s vocal cords block their airway… more »

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