Plus — Discussing VCD-EILO; NFL shoulder exercises; and Level II athletics

April 22, 2023

  This Shoulder Exercise is Done In Many NFL Weight Rooms

Certain muscle groups are just better suited for endurance training than others. Muscles that support fine motor skills, as well as those involved in rotational movements, are two examples that come to mind. All muscle...

  Creating a sleep-friendly culture

The truth is simply urging athletes to sleep more doesn’t do much good. You have to get them to buy into what you’re saying, and that might take more than presentations and handouts on the benefits of sleep. It requires building a sleep-friendly culture.

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  Achieving Level II in Athletics

Even though most athletes would tell the coach that they want to perform at their ultimate level of play, the reality is many settle for what would be called a Level I performance. Both the...

  Striking a Balance: Overtraining in strength programs

How far is too far when pushing athletes in training? In this roundtable, five strength coaches discuss programming without overtraining… more »

  Transferable Skills

When constructing workout plans for your athletes, it’s critical that they are designed to transfer to the field or court… more »

  Vocal Advocates: Discussing VCD-EILO in athletes

Often mistaken for asthma and triggered by intense exercise, VCD-EILO occurs when an athlete’s vocal cords block their airway… more »



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