Treating the Athlete

Controlling inflammation, reducing pain and increasing healing (sponsored)

Medical professionals at every level of sport are turning to advanced wound care products to simplify the process of healing athletes… more »

Emergency Plan Enacted

When an on-ice collision resulted in one ice hockey player’s skate cutting the neck of another player, Canisius College Athletic Trainer Mike Ziemer, ATC, was prepared to handle the crisis… more »

Cool Off

Study suggests that female athletes may need more cooling than males during and after workouts, which could have implications for performance and recovery… more »

Incomplete Picture

When runners have trouble with stress fractures, they might turn to wearables that track foot impact with the ground. However, recent research says these sensors are measuring the wrong thing – leaving athletes vulnerable… more »

Innovative Ankle Surgery

Many heard about University of Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s quick return following ankle surgery this season. But there wasn’t as much said about the procedure behind it. Get a detailed look here… more »

Catching Long QT

A University of Indianapolis football player’s cardiac condition could have ended his playing career — or his life. But thanks to a rigorous PPE process, he is able to stay on the field safely… more »

Alternative Approach

Louisiana State University football players regularly return from ACL reconstruction in roughly five months. The secret to their success might lie in the method used to repair the damaged ACL… more »

IV Issues

A viral video that shows high school football players receiving IV fluids on a school bus and in a hallway has sparked controversy. Here, members of the medical community weigh in… more »

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