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Pain Management Through Cryotherapy

Nowadays, cryotherapy is among the most prevalent treatment options utilized in athletic training rooms across the country; and rightfully so. Studies have shown that the use of cryotherapy during baseball games improved pitch speed, exertion and recovery,... more »

Bi-Lateral Lower-Body Plyometrics

A discussion of plyometric exercises almost always implies explosive and elastic movements that involve the lower body. A visual of an athlete jumping or sprinting is the most common representation of plyometrics, with the muscles... more »

Taking Force Platform Technology to the Next Step

NMP ForceDecks provides hardware and software solutions for integrating dual force platform technology. ForceDecks has taken technology that has historically been almost exclusively used within research settings and made it accessible to S&C professionals, ATC’s, and physiotherapists to use... more »

Setting the Pace For Athletes

Every athlete has a different response to training. With the Firstbeat Sports heart rate, training load, and recovery monitoring platform, coaches can see and analyze each athlete’s unique response to training. The result is a significant... more »

Accurate, Immediate Performance Feedback

Obtaining objective data on athlete performance can be difficult without the right test equipment. With Swift Performance’s wireless timing gates and jump measurement systems, performance data is captured right on an iPad, allowing coaches to provide immediate feedback and... more »

Collecting Data on Athlete Movement

AMTI’s AccuPower force plates and AccuPower Solution’s software are great mechanisms for examining the characteristics of athlete’s movements by providing coaches a streamlined and efficient process for reliable sport specific data collection, which presents a robust, integrated analysis regarding... more »

Enabling Informed Decisions

With so many different wearable devices available, it can be a burden to pull all of your athletes’ data into one spot and pinpoint patterns, trends, and correlations. Kinduct’s Athlete Management System eliminates this hassle, providing sport organizations with... more »

Identifying Athlete Needs

No two athletes are alike—so their exercise, nutrition, and health regimens shouldn’t be either. With CoachMePlus’ Athlete Performance System, coaches and athletic trainers are able to customize their software app to track specific data for each individual athlete and... more »

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