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Remembering Dr. Ken Leistner

Dr. Ken Leistner, who was simply known to many in the world of strength and conditioning, as “Dr. Ken,” passed away earlier this month… more »

Remembering to say ‘thanks’

As you read this blog, I am sure that there is someone who helped you to get you where you are today. Remember to say thanks. .. more »

Don’t Forget to Strengthen the Hip

For most sports, enhancing hip strength and power is a key aspect of improving performance. Strong hips are required to transfer force effectively from the lower body to the upper body in many sports, including... more »

Prioritizing hip strength in training programs

Though it’s an often-overlooked area in the weight room, the hips are vital for explosiveness and overall athletic performance.
.. more »

Does BFR Reduce Pain?

By Johnny Owens, MPT – Owens Recovery Science, INC.Pain, be it post-operative in nature or arising from acute and chronic injuries, is a common and frustrating clinical manifestation. In fact, the current opioid crisis highlights... more »

Knowledge is All the Power You Need for Laser Therapy Success

by: Douglas Johnson, ATC, EES, CLS | Chris Carraway DC,DIBCN, CLSThe use of light as a physical modality continues to gain popularity. The beneficial effects on pain and tissue repair make it an ideal adjunct... more »

Wearing Ankle Braces: Busting Myths & Preventing Repeat Injury

In "jumping" sports, athletes are at a high risk of ankle injury, resulting in time sitting on the bench. Performance Heath's Dr. Phil Page, Ph.D, PT, ATC, CSCS, FACSM discusses some common myths associated with... more »

Athletix ™ Guide Rod Wipes

Working out on fitness equipment is made more difficult when weights and mechanisms bindand chatter because of dust, oils and grime that build up on weight machine guide rods. Memberscan see and feel the negative... more »

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