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A tool for building speed efficiently and effectively

Top teams train with the Run Rocket. Three of the four teams that played in the College Football Playoff tournament this past season use the Run Rocket as part of their strength and conditioning program.... more »

Unlock Greatness

Athletes perform best when they are well trained, healthy, happy, and motivated. With AthleteMonitoring from FITSTATS Technologies, coaches can better manage workload and recovery strategies, ensuring athletes are trained at their maximum physical and psychological... more »

When athletes go gluten-free

A growing list of athletes say a gluten-free diet enhances their performance. What are the myths and truths of this trend? We take an in-depth look… more »

Hydration in the Winter

Many athletes understand the importance of hydration in the warmer months of the year. However, it’s equally critical to remember the importance of remaining hydrated during the winter months, too!The human body needs to maintain... more »

Post Workout recovery-It’s More Than Just Protein

Athletes are more aware than ever of the importance of sports nutrition, and many know that they should be including post-workout nutrition as part of their routine. If they aren’t properly fueling and recovering with... more »

Train Smart to Perform Stronger

Are you looking to build stronger, more competitive athletes? Invest in your training success with methods you already know, and some you may not have tried, to build your best, strongest self.Let’s start with the basic... more »

Webinar assists coaches with making adjustments

A coach’s job doesn’t end with the last game of the season. Building and sustaining a successful sport program requires purposeful, year-round commitment to excellence. In his groundbreaking book, Coaching Better Every Season: A Year-Round System for... more »

Kinesiology Tape Isn’t Just for the Pros

How It Can Help Athletes at Every Stage Fight Pain and Find ReliefBy Hillary OberpeulFrom high school training rooms to the big screen of professional sports, athletes everywhere have been seen sporting kinesiology tape. But is... more »

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