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We’ve all see the ads on TV for those “compression” garments that promise amazing results for athletes. Shop your local big box retailer and what you may often find on the “As seen on TV”... more »

Road Food: Feeding Your Athletes During Travel

By: Heidi Strickler, RDN, CDBoth local road travel and long-distance air travel can throw a wrench into an athlete's eating routine and can compromise performance and overall health. Trouble sleeping, lack of refrigeration and familiar... more »

Focus on Mental Health

At Ohio University, the Student Senate has passed a bill demanding improved mental health services for student-athletes. 

.. more »

Prepared for an Upset

 Over the years, many products have been developed to make things easier for coaches. Whether it’s breaking down video, charting plays, scouting opponents, or drawing playbooks, coaches can now do twice as much in  half... more »

Monitoring in Team Sports on a Budget

The following is an excerpt from Monitoring Training and Performance in Athletes by Mike McGuiganFor the purposes of this discussion, baseball, American football, rugby union, rugby league, basketball, volleyball, netball, handball, Australian rules football, ice hockey,... more »

Introducing the Contec ® Floor Mop

The Contec Floor Mop is a one-step alternative to traditional mops and buckets. Designed for fitness facility floor surfaces, the economical bucketless mop features a 32 oz. refillable bottle that is easily removed for rinsing. The thermoplastic... more »

Make your custom athletic training room dreams a reality

The Athletic Edge puts the utmost care into every piece of equipment that is shipped out their doors. Each product is uniquely designed using a variety of processes and materials to support the customers' end... more »

Help Athletes Get Back in the Game

 Game Ready is re-engineering recovery by offering leading technologies designed to get athletes back to their best after injury or surgery. For over 10 years, athletes and athletic trainers have counted on Game Ready's cold... more »

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