Tools & Modalities

Real-Time Temps

The University of Virginia used ingestible thermometers to monitor player temperatures in real time this summer — another tool in the fight against heat illness prevention… more »

Cryotherapy Leads to Injuries

Missouri State University has investigated a cryotherapy-related incident that resulted in season-ending injuries to two men’s basketball players… more »

On a Roll

Foam rolling is a great way to improve recovery. To get the most out of this technique, create a routine that targets the specific needs of your athletes… more »

A New Use

Traditionally thought of as a tool for the lower body, force plates are now being used to evaluate shoulder strength and injury risk, thanks to an innovative assessment system… more »

To the Point

Ever thought about learning how to use dry needling? Medfield (Mass.) High School Head Athletic Trainer Maria Hutsick breaks down what it is, how to get certified, and the results you can expect to see… more »

AT Designs Unique Brace

Mike Bean, Associate Athletic Trainer for the University of Notre Dame, has developed a new ankle brace that fits outside the wearer’s shoe… more »

Call for Caution

With elite athletes using stem cell therapy and receiving platelet-rich plasma injections, regenerative medicine treatments are making headlines. But researchers say they may not be good for youth and adolescent athletes… more »

Give it a Shot

The Seattle Seahawks have had six players undergo Regenokine treatment, which involves drawing blood and reinjecting it back into the body. The athletes have seen positive results, but the medical community isn’t sold on the procedure… more »

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