Going Overboard

Athletes who work hard are great. But you need to also be on the lookout for those that push themselves beyond healthy limits… more »

Behind Xavier’s Success

The offseason training program for the Xavier University men’s basketball team includes many out-of-the-ordinary elements, including jiu jitsu, pro-style training, yoga, and cryotherapy… more »

The Three C’s

To set standards for excellence, this longtime successful volleyball coach imparts three core values to players — commitment, character, and confidence. “Things don’t change with our core values, no matter who’s on our team,” she says… more »

A Helping Hand

Having those who know how to correctly spot a lift in the weight room adds an important level of safety to your athletes’ workouts… more »

Eat to Heal

During rehab from injury, athletes need to rethink their diet. A sports nutritionist offers a case study of a high school soccer player who suffered an isolated tibia fracture… more »

Between Meals

Most sports dietitians recommend that athletes consume calories in-between meals. The question is: what snacks are best?.. more »

Leg Strength

In performance training, great athletes are built from the ground up. We asked Strength Coach Jason Gallucci to answer questions on improving leg strength… more »

Handling Disappointment

Sometimes your team is going to lose, and sometimes you will be upset with how they played. Learning how to move forward from such setbacks is the essence of being a great coach… more »

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