Secrets to Success

Phil McSpadden started out as a baseball coach, but has since become one of the winningest softball coaches of all time. Here, he offers his advice for coaches in any sport… more »

In Top Form

Especially for athletes who perform overhead actions, strengthening the upper body is important. We asked an award-winning high school strength coach for his thoughts on the topic… more »

Meeting in the Middle, Part Two

Last week, we offered an introduction to the “If It Fits Your Macros” diet and a look at its advantages. This week, we detail its drawbacks… more »

Honing In On Hamstrings

There are a lot of traditional exercises that target the hamstrings, but this important muscle group can often benefit from a little extra attention. Here are some unconventional exercises to help you do just that… more »

Picking up the Pace

To keep your athletes moving at a steady pace in the weightroom, consider following this strength coach’s plan… more »

A Little Support

Every coach needs a support system. From someone to talk with about the highs and lows of the team to getting help with logistics, it’s impossible to do the job alone… more »

Just for Pitchers

A look at a strength training program especially for baseball pitchers, which focuses on the total body but is split into an upper-body and lower-body emphasis… more »

Meeting in the Middle

There’s a way to incorporate unhealthy food in an athlete’s fueling plan without compromising overall nutrition. It’s called the If It Fits Your Macros diet, and it involves tracking protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake daily… more »

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