Jan 29, 2015
Vibroacoustic Therapy

A primary resource for which frequencies to use where has come from Olav Skille and the International Society of Vibroacoustics (Norway). Since 1982, anecdotal feedback and observation of 40,000+ hours of vibroacoustic applications have been compiled. From this data, ISVA concludes that vibroacoustic applications can be divided into three main areas:

1. Muscle relaxation and relief of spasms 2. Increased blood circulation in the arms and legs 3. Varying effects on the sympathetic nervous system

While most of the research into vibroacoustics has taken place in Norway, Finland, and Russia, a growing body of exploration now comes from the United States and England. Recently published research has concentrated on the positive effects of vibroacoustics on pain management, symptom reduction, fibromyalgia, birthing, identification of rhythm and pitch change by hearing impaired children, and surgical recuperation.

Vibroacoustics is an emerging therapeutic modality, and quantitative research is continuing. We concur with Dr. George Patrick of the National Institutes of Health (USA), in his evaluation of a 1997 program entitled, Effects of Vibroacoustic Music on Symptom Reduction in Hospitalized Patients.

He states, “We have seen statistically significant and clinically significant results in both tension-anxiety reduction as well as symptom reduction. …We are very encouraged by the data.”

How to Use You do not need to do anything but sit back and relax. Merely by immersing your body in the tub with sonic massage playing, specifically-calibrated low frequencies provide stimulation to your entire body. This CD is not music for entertainment. It has been designed to deliver measured low frequencies. If you tire of hearing low tones, simply turn on the hot tub jets and the low tones will be masked, but still effective.

Volume: Play at a soft to medium level. Don’t expect to hear much because the bass transducers are below water level. Adjust your volume based on the intensity of vibration you feel in the water. Light or strong vibrations? Let your body be the guide.

Recommended Length of Session: Over-exposure may take place if the volume is too loud or you soak too long. We recommend use of the hot tub and sonic massage for no more than 20 minutes at a time. If you experience any discomfort, including cold sweats, dizziness, anxiety, or muscular pains, discontinue your vibroacoustic session.

Disconnect External Speakers: An important technical note before you begin the use of this CD: This soundtrack has been designed exclusively for playback through the factory-installed transducers in your PolarPool spa. If you have external speakers connected to your spa CD player, please disconnect them before playing sonic massage. The low tones played on this disc may damage customary speakers.

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