Feb 17, 2017
Three C’s
Emilian Iankov

When I became the strength coach for Vanderbilt University women’s tennis prior to the 2014-15 season, I knew the players, coaching staff, athletic training staff, administration, and I would all need to coordinate, cooperate, and collaborate to reach the program’s goal of a national team championship. Here’s how we achieved each of the 3 C’s:

Coordinate: We arranged strength and conditioning workouts according to tennis practices, match schedule, academic obligations, and individual needs.

Cooperate: The tennis coaching staff and I discussed the priorities of the strength and conditioning program. This included what type of lifting to do and when, how many times a week we should train, whether we should hold individual or team training sessions, and how long each workout should be. I also worked side by side with the players to push them to constantly improve.

Collaborate: Although I had the final say in the weightroom, the tennis coaching staff, athletic trainer, and I collaborated on how hard to push players during training sessions, what to modify in case of injury, and how much rest individual athletes needed before a match.

This strength coach has found success by concentrating on what he calls the three C’s: coordinate, cooperate, and collaborate.

Emilian Iankov, CSCS, is Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Vanderbilt University, where he works with men’s and women’s tennis, cross country, track and field, and women’s golf. Previously, he served as a Strength Coach at the Austin (Texas) Tennis Academy and coached the Bulgarian Junior National Olympic Weightlifting Team.

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