Sep 1, 2008
September 2008: News from the Lab

All the studies discussed in this article can be viewed in abstract form in volume 40, issue 5, supplement 1, of the Journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. The same abstracts can be found online at

Bliss, M.V., D. Bellar, et al. “The effect of caffeine supplementation on performance in the standing shot put throw.” (abstract #2036)

Cernak, N.M., A. Solheim, et al. “Protein-carbohydrate ingestion does not alter selected markers of skeletal muscle metabolism during exercise in trained cyclists.” (abstract #959)

Chen, S.C., J.M. Davis, et al. “Effects of quercetin feedings on maximal oxygen consumption and fatigue during prolonged exercise.” (abstract # 1250)

Foskett, A., A. Ali, et al. “Caffeine ingestion and skill performance during simulated soccer activity.” (abstract # 2031)

Hailes, W., D. Slivka, et al. “Total energy expenditure, substrate use and hydration during the Ironman world championship: a case study.” (abstract # 2418)

Hawley, J.A., D.J. Pedersen, et al. “High rates of muscle glycogen resynthesis after exhaustive exercise when carbohydrate is co-ingested with caffeine.” (abstract #669)

Hoffman, J.R., N.A. Ratamess, et al. “Effect of β-alanine supplementation on the acute hormonal response to resistance exercise.” (abstract # 1253)

Kern, M., J. Robinson. “Metabolic and performance effects of alanine supplementation.” (abstract # 1254)


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