Apr 7, 2022
Delivering High-Performance Floors for Any Trainer or Athlete

Clemson room view

{Sponsored} Elite athletics is a competitive business. Top athletes push their training to the limits to gain the edge needed to be the best. Crucial to their success is the weight room floor. For over 65 years, athletes and fitness enthusiasts have trusted REGUPOL sports and fitness surfaces to avoid injury and boost performance. Likewise, strength coaches have relied on REGUPOL for consistency, competency, and care. REGUPOL pushes the elements to provide the best results — both on and off the field of competition.

Mark Fitzgerald, owner of Elite Training Systems (ETS) and the former strength and conditioning coach for the Anaheim Ducks, has worked with athletes for over 15 years. Having utilized REGUPOL’s AktivPro Roll surface for many years, Fitzgerald says his favorite part is the simple installation, design plan, and customer service.

The REGUPOL AktivPro Roll flooring system is a full 1” thick system and designed to accommodate inlaid platforms — providing the durability to withstand the impact of Olympic weightlifting while offering stable footing and shock absorption to the athlete.

“To have a company that actually makes their own product and installs it from start to finish, you don’t find that too often,” Fitzgerald said. “Having a company that handles all the aspects of it is so important to me. From design to installation to customer service, it was all done so well. They got me hooked early with service like that.”

Besides performance, aesthetics is important to the athletic community. At many colleges and universities, the athletic weight room is a critical recruiting tool. With REGUPOL surfaces, the possibilities for creating a branded space are endless.

The beauty lies in the details — from a broad range of colors and custom blends to waterjet cutting technology allowing for in-laid logos and text on their floors. Athletes can give it their all on REGUPOL flooring and leave with a feeling of inspiration and pride.

“The thing with a company like REGUPOL is the quality. The expectation from an athlete is that you have the best,” Fitzgerald said. “When an athlete comes and uses one of our facilities, they just know it’s high quality. The flooring has our logo on it, the turf has our logo on it, it’s just professional.”

While maintaining high-quality flooring, REGUPOL’s products are also sustainable. Their products are GreenCircle Certified — a third-party certification for sustainable products and manufacturing. Affiliated with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and the developers of the LEED building rating system, using REGUPOL products can earn LEED points for a trainer’s building design all while helping the environment.

Whitby room view

“More athletes and coaches are leaning toward improving movement capacity. You have to have space and you have to have surfaces that you can do different types of activities on — it’s the new standard,” he said.

Gone are the days of the raised platforms; REGUPOL floors are virtually seamless, allowing the athlete’s training to flow from movement to movement.

Since installing Regupol flooring, Fitzgerald has experienced a new level of safety and optimal training in his performance center.

“It’s all about space and flow. Having a versatile floor that you can do different types of training on allows for more creativity as coaches and having that space utilization creates efficiency,” Fitzgerald said.

REGUPOL listens to their customers and develops materials for trainers’ and athletes’ needs. With quality at the forefront, REGUPOL is guaranteed to produce high-performance products that revolutionize training sessions for athletes.

For more information about REGUPOL, visit regupol.us.

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