Sep 21, 2018
Managed Approach, Part 4
Francois Gazzano

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The workload management strategies discussed in the above blogs are vital to a strength coach’s mission. But there’s so much more to our jobs than that. Don’t forget, training should be fun, too.

Enjoyment is a crucial determinant of intrinsic motivation — a direct predictor of effort and persistence. When athletes don’t like what they are doing, they will not be motivated to train or compete to the best of their abilities. In fact, young athletes have identified lack of fun as the number one reason for quitting their sport.

A simple way to maximize engagement is to have athletes report their level of enjoyment with workouts in a training log or specialized app. Then, if need be, tweak your plan to make it more fun. Your changes don’t have to be elaborate — they can be as simple as implementing warm-up games, team relays, and athlete-directed cool-downs.

In addition, you can make training more enjoyable just by altering the way you present yourself. Work with the highest professional standards, but do not take yourself too seriously. Smile often, chat with athletes, and be open to last-minute program changes.

Francois Gazzano, BSc, is the founder and CEO of, an evidence-based athlete management and workload optimization system used by high school, collegiate, national, and professional teams worldwide. As a full-time strength and conditioning coach and performance consultant for more than 15 years, Gazzano has helped dozens of youth, elite, and professional athletes reach their highest performance goals.

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