Jan 29, 2015
Dr. Andrews Partners with West Florida

By Kyle Garratt

James Andrews, MD, is possibly the world’s foremost orthopedic physician. His reputation transcends the medical world, and his name is known by coaches, doctors, and millions of sports fans. So when the University of West Florida partnered with the Andrews Institute to help enhance the school’s Department of Health, Leisure, and Exercise Science, it was very big news.

Andrews, founding partner and Medical Director of the Andrews Institute, is joined by fellow physicians Roger Ostrander, Josh Hackel, and Lonnie Paulos as research associates at West Florida. They will provide training and enhance the curriculum in the areas of athletic training and sports medicine education for the school’s students and faculty.

“The Andrews Institute offers us access to live surgeries, new techniques, advanced facilities, expertise in rehabilitation and orthopedic procedures, and advice in terms of how to develop a curriculum that is more in line with industry needs,” says John R. Todorovich, PhD, Chair for West Florida’s Department of Health, Leisure, and Exercise Science. “Some members of our athletic training staff already work very closely with orthopedists and athletic trainers at the Andrews Institute and had discussed a partnership with them. We were overjoyed by their interest in wanting to be associated with us and we immediately pursued the partnership.”

The Andrews Institute is an affiliate of Baptist Health Care and has developed a national and international reputation for its work in orthopedics and sports medicine. “The Andrews Institute’s orthopedists are some of the best in the world, so they are ahead of almost anybody in the field,” says Todorovich. “Our students will gain craft knowledge that you can’t quite get from a textbook. I want our students to know what’s going on first-hand. I want them to develop skills, connections, and relationships with people who can support them when they pursue their career.”

Todorovich sees the partnership as a way to cut out the middleman between his students, athletes, and the most advanced practices in orthopedics and athletic training. “Most programs have a lag time between what professionals are producing and what the students learn,” he says. “We have a lot faster turn-around of new ideas, techniques, and knowledge from people who are actually practicing the craft. We can prevent injuries and enhance our athletes’ performance because we understand how to train people better. Our athletes will get stronger, more balanced, and stay healthier longer because we have access to the best techniques.”

Each doctor joining the West Florida staff is bringing his own area of expertise. Andrews carries the weightiest reputation for his clinical research and surgical skills, mostly involving elbow, knee, and shoulder injuries. His list of celebrity-athlete clients includes former NFL stars Emmitt Smith and Bo Jackson, former NBA players Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, among others.

Ostrander specializes in arthroscopic and open treatment of knee, ankle, shoulder, and elbow injuries; joint replacement surgery; fracture care; and general orthopedics. He also serves as Team Physician for the University of West Florida and the Pensacola Ice Pilots minor league hockey team.

Before moving to Florida from Houston, Paulos served as Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the Baylor College of Medicine, and as Medical Director of the American Sports Medicine Alliance. He holds over 20 U.S. patents for surgical procedures and devices.

Hackel focuses on treating musculoskeletal injuries of the knee, hip, elbow, foot, ankle, and shoulder through prevention and conservative management. He is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Florida State School of Medicine and a Team Physician at West Florida.

“I hope that we can develop one of the best exercise science and athletic training programs anywhere,” says Todorovich. “With the access we have through the institute and their extended relationships, I think that’s possible.”

Kyle Garrat is an Assistant Editor at AthleticManagment.com.

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