Jan 29, 2015
At the End of Your Rope?

With rising obesity rates and PE basically absent from school systems, fitness levels are at an all time low across the United States. “Why” you might ask? It’s simple – it’s called “the path of least resistance training.” People literally want to have their cake, eat it too, and not have to walk anywhere to get it.

As we get deeper into the technology age, we de-emphasize fitness and activity which were once cornerstones in our society. The problem is this – activity and productivity of a culture go hand in hand. It is our job as fitness professionals to bring solutions to our clients’ problems and improve their overall quality of life. How do we solve this problem?

We bring our clients back to a time when American fitness was at an all-time high. We bring them back to the basics. And when it comes to fitness, a rope is about as basic as one can get.

In the fitness world, rope training is everywhere! Trainers are using ropes any way possible to augment their programs – swinging, battling, climbing, etc. Clients can improve several physical factors with rope training – upper body strength, power, local muscular endurance, core & shoulder stability, as well as overall conditioning. The rope serves as a basic means to a fitter end. However different results have required different methods.

While rope climbing is a great method for producing upper body & core strength on the way up, it can be a dangerous proposition on the way down. And while “swinging” and “battling” are excellent for upper body endurance, conditioning, and shoulder health, they lack a strength & power component. One company has the rope wave down to a science – Ropeflex.

Ropeflex has taken rope training to the next level with its new line of pulling equipment. Their line allows users to pull vertically, horizontally, and even rotationally with an upper body only or total body approach against iso-kinetic resistance. This diversity not only allows trainers to prescribe rope training but also deliver the safe & effective results their clients deserve. Ropeflex’s versatility puts the function in functional rope training!

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