Fueling correctly before a game can mean the difference between a great or subpar performance. Here are some strategies for making the most of pregame meals.

Performance testing is a great way to offer specific feedback to high school student-athletes. A clinic in Louisiana did so through a female-centered event.

Having a clear understanding of your training philosophy is key to designing a strength and conditioning program. Here is a list of questions to ask yourself in order to determine your plan.

By Travis Knight
Last week, we introduced the strength and conditioning regimen used by the Gonzaga University men's basketball team. This issue, Coach Travis Knight explains how he designs each year's program.

Most people acknowledge that it's good to set goals. Here are five questions to ask your athletes as you help them set individual goals.

Athletes often wonder if cutting meat from their diet will negatively effect their ability to make strength gains. A new review says a plant-based diet can actually benefit athletes' heart health, performance, and recovery.

Building strength in the weightroom is essential in a physical sport like wrestling. These five exercises should be part of any wrestler's training program.

How important is having a CSCS at the high school level? Gary McChalicher, Director of Athletics and Assistant Principal for the Southeastern School District in Fawn Grove, Pa., and a former football coach, weighs in.

By Travis Knight
For Gonzaga University men’s basketball, the players’ desire to be elite forms the foundation for a holistic training regimen.

By Dr. Mike Davenport
You probably don't think much about your coaching legacy. But one way or another, you will leave a lasting impression.