Optimum Performance
November 13, 2018
A new study finds that using VR headsets during exercise can reduce the perception of pain and effort. 
Optimum Performance
November 9, 2018
Performance combines for teenage athletes have become common, but Thibodaux (La.) Regional Medical Center recently put a new spin on the concept by holding one just for female athletes.   
Injury Prevention
November 8, 2018
When muscle cramps plagued Liberty University football players on a tough road trip, coaches, athletic trainers, and nutritionists teamed up to make sure it didn’t happen again. 
Product News
November 5, 2018
  Strength coaches have varied needs based on the level they work at, the sports they work with, and the desires of their sport coaches. But one thing they all need is more time. Fortunately, these products and services can help you use your time as effectively as possible, both in the strength/ conditioning facility and outside of it. Get the Most Out of Athletes S-Drive Performance Trainer www.matrixfitness.com
November 2, 2018
  Incorporating virtual reality helps athletes view rehab in a new way. At the University of Alabama, it has also increased engagement and commitment to the recovery process. By Ryan Vicknair, Jeremy Gsell, and Clay Keith
Optimum Performance
November 2, 2018
  As youth sports has expanded, so has the desire to incorporate sports medicine and strength and conditioning initiatives with these athletes. Here’s how one club kick-started such efforts. By Tim McClellan, Jeff Decker, and Kelsey Kebric Across the nation, millions of boys and girls play youth soccer every year. Those participation numbers don’t come without injuries.


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