The Wearbands® Training System

September 21, 2015

The Evolution of Functional Resistance Training

Functional resistance training systems for sports have been around for some time know, and are widely used to improve sport-specific movement. However, they have all had limitations:

• Anchored resistance band systems (which are anchored to a platform or wall) limit the distance an athlete can move under resistance.

• Tandem resistance band systems require a coach or other athlete to provide the resistance, reducing training time per athlete.

• Both anchored or tandem resistance systems typically alter the athlete’s mechanics and posture in some way, and therefore do not provide pure functional resistance.

• Weighted resistance clothing provides high impact, externally generated resistance, detrimental to the athlete’s back, hip, knee and ankle joints.

• Many agility drills (think ladders, cones, hurdles) are not practical using functional resistance systems, due to multi-directional movement or the distance that needs to be traveled.

These limitations have been tolerated to date, because there has not been an effective, practical, and cost-effective way to add low-impact functional resistance that allows the athlete to train with complete freedom of movement in a self-contained system. With the arrival of WearBands®, that has all changed.

The patent-pending WearBands® Training System has unleashed the athlete to train any movement under no-impact, variable resistance over any distance, anywhere, in any shoe, or even in no shoes. Functional resistance training in it purest form.

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WearBands® for Sports-Performance Training

WearBands® can be added seamlessly to any sports performance training drill; speed, agility, plyo, power, jumping, conditioning, etc. In the gym or on the filed, WearBands® can be worn with any training shoe, with cleats or even with no shoes at all. The system adds no-impact, variable resistance to any movement at any speed, conditioning the athlete to move quicker and more explosively with more power, to run faster and to jump higher. Muscle endurance is improved and reps can be decreased, reducing wear and tear on the athlete’s body. And because the system is hands-free, the athlete can combine hand skills (dribbling, throwing, catching) simultaneously, for a more efficient and coordinated workout.

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WearBands® for Prehab and Rehab

• By adding no-impact, variable resistance to dynamic warm-ups, WearBands® improves muscle and nervous system activation, better preparing the body for workouts and games.

• The equal resistance applied to both sides of the body from the core to the feet helps to identify muscle imbalances and tightness, which can also be corrected through use of the system.

• For rehab, the system’s ability to provide lightweight, no-impact, variable resistance through any range of motion anywhere, is ideal for helping the athlete get his or her core-to-foot strength back post lower-body injury.

Watch this video to see how WearBands® can be used for Prehab and Rehab

Now that the limitations of predecessor systems have been lifted, the applications for the WearBands® system are almost endless. Any athlete from any sport can now be trained under purely functional resistance in a body-friendly and cost effective way. The evolution of functional resistance training has arrived…and it’s name is WearBands®.

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