Watch it Grow

February 16, 2017

High school students at Miami (Fla.) Sunset High are working on their connection with eco-literacy. The school’s athletic trainer, Erin Cernuda, who was a 2016 finalist for T&C’s Most Valuable Athletic Trainer award, helped plan the garden that the school’s gardening club is tending.

“This concept provides a space where students can learn topics like science, math, and language arts all while enjoying physical activity and the fresh air,” Cernuda told Miami Community Newspapers. “Our students needed a space that is created with their needs in mind where they can explore and grow.”

The goal for the garden is to provide the school’s cafeteria with some fresh produce. Currently, there are two garden areas. Inside, there are herbs, fish, and bamboo. The outdoor portion of the garden features tomatoes, carrots, and more herbs.

The Garden Club welcomes anyone as a member. Along with providing students a way to spend time after school, the garden also helps students learn more about food sources.

“It is a great activity that stimulates learning and living a healthy lifestyle,” Cernuda told Miami Community Newspapers. “It encourages eco-literacy while getting people outdoors and moving.”  

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