The Right Brace for Every Athlete

June 16, 2017

At Active Ankle, the company's experts understand that the needs of every athlete are different. Some players need a brace that offers the most protection, some need a brace that offers the most mobility, and others are somewhere in between. Whatever your ankle state, preferences and position, Active Ankle has a brace for you.

Eclipse II Dual Upright Ankle Brace. The new Eclipse II provides maximum protection available through its solid u-shaped design and multipoint strapping system. It's ideal for players who need a higher level of support.

T2 Rigid Ankle Brace. The T2 is Active Ankle's best-known rigid ankle brace with its classic and simple design. Improvements have strengthened the brace material to be 10 times more durable than previous T2 brace material.

Eclipse I Single Upright Ankle Brace. The new Eclipse I provides superior mobility while maintaining the protection of a rigid ankle brace. It's ideal for players needing increased side-to-side flexibility.

AS1 Pro Lace-Up Brace. The AS1 Pro provides superior protection while maintaining the comfort of a lace-up through its supportive compression and vertical straps that imitate the heel-lock taping technique.

329 Ankle Sleeve. The 329 is a low-profile ankle support that fits like a compression sleeve and includes straps for increased protection. It's great for players that reject traditional braces but need more support during competitive play.
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