Managing Concussion Risk in 2017

July 7, 2017

Unique Advantages
Increasing neck strength has been shown to reduce the risk of concussions in athletes of all ages but the Iron Neck does more than increase strength. By allowing the head and neck to move freely across all planes of movement and against horizontal and rotational resistance, the Iron Neck helps increase flexibility and range of motion. Training the neck to defend against linear and rotational forces that can come from any angle helps reduce the risk of concussion in every athlete. Plus, the Iron Neck takes up no gym footprint, is portable, and can be connected practically anywhere!

About the Company
The Iron Neck is a breakthrough tool that empowers athletes, coaches and trainers to train and rehab the neck in ways that have never before been possible. The dynamic and functional nature of the Iron Neck has seen its adoption grow among the world’s leading strength and conditioning coaches and trainers.

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