Force plates capture accurate, actionable performance data

July 3, 2018
AMTI's AccuPower force plates and Accupower Solutions' software provides coaches a streamlined and efficient process for reliable sport specific data collection which presents a robust, integrated analysis regarding athletic performance.
"Our software captures data from the AMTI AccuPower force plate," says Steve Swanson of Accupower Solutions. "Then the software supplies the analyses that are specific to sports and relate to weightlifting, jumping, landing, and cutting maneuvers."
The AMTI AccuPower force plate offers reliability, a large footprint for athletic movements, and durable Hall effect sensors. Integration with the Accupower Solutions' software allows for calculations of force, impulse, CoM velocity, power, rate of power development, rate of force development, and commonly used measures such as reactive strength index (RSI). Measures are extracted for key phases of movement, such as the eccentric and concentric phase of a jump or landing. Comparing data from two synchronized force platforms allows detection of asymmetries between limbs, and training programs can be adjusted accordingly. A feature-rich graphics display offers immediate inspection of test results, and coaches can customize these reports to only pull data that is relevant for their program.
Additionally, coaches can capture baseline data and track specific data over time to determine how athletes have improved or declined. An instant replay function can be used to record the test, play it back in slow motion, and identify exactly where the data relates to each movement. 
AMTI and Accupower Solutions ( are technology leaders in their respective industries, both committed to meeting the needs of their customers.
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