Exciting Way to Train

February 5, 2016

Unique Advantages:
Exercise Pro Live is an online video exercise software, providing an exciting new way to train your athletes. Create custom fitness and training programs from more than 3,000 exercises and add your own exercises. Athletes view their video programs on a website hosted with your company logo and facility name--and they can print programs too.

Cloud-based means you can train no matter where the athlete is located. A built-in communication portal makes it an excellent way to train off-season. This system works with Mac, PC, iPad, Android and Smart Phones with 24/7 access. It is truly 21st century training.

About the Company:
BioEx Systems is a major leader in fitness software. The company has been producing easy to use, quality, affordable fitness software for athletic trainers, and conditioning specialists since 1997. Not only does BioEx Systems produce exercise software, but it also has a line of assessment and nutrition programs for the health professional.

BioEx Systems Exercise Pro

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