Device Tracks Recovery

March 20, 2017

A group of Georgia Tech students created a portable device known as the Wobble, which helps determine whether athletes have recovered from a concussion and can return to play. According to, the Wobble works by testing an athlete's balance, comparing it to results received from tests made at the start of the season. Once the athlete's balance test results reach the same level as they were at the start of the season, it will be safe for him or her to resume play. 

"We depend on the athlete and the student to be forthcoming with their symptoms, and just having objective type information helps us make those decisions," said Donna Hays, Westminster Schools' head athletic trainer.

Garrett Wallace, one of the students who worked on the device, stressed the importance of not allowing concussed athletes to return to play until they fully recover.

"Knowing when they're completely recovered to go back onto the field is a challenge and it's really important because the brain is in a very vulnerable state after a concussion and so if they were to suffer another big hit it could be catastrophic," Wallace said.

The creators of the Wobble were finalists for Georgia Tech's 2016 InVenture Prize, and came in second, winning a free patent filing. The Wobble may take a few more years to be released to the public.

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