Bringing Laser On Board

December 5, 2017

By Craig Brown

About a year ago, APEX Physio in Bermuda decided to investigate the benefits of photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy to determine if we should add a therapy laser to our clinic. We did a lot of research about PBM therapy and discovered it could help us add value and promote a better environment for healing— thus adding and improving on our current treatment methods. Also through our research, we determined that a Class IV device had the most compelling evidence.

We decided that to accomplish our goal of maintaining best practice and enhancing the APEX experience, a Class IV laser had to become part of our clinician toolkit. Our staff quickly took to the technology as they began to see immediate positive results, with many patients reporting reduction in pain after just one treatment.

Now, all the therapists on our team have been trained to use the therapy laser. Once patients are assessed, laser is prescribed and, depending on their condition, the number of sessions ranges from four to 10. As we see more and more results with our patients, the laser has only become more prominent in our delivery of patient-centered care.

One particular group of our clients who have seen fantastic results has been the Artemis Racing team. These athletes compete in the America’s Cup, which is a Formula 1-type sailing event for the fastest wind-powered boats on the planet. Our experience with adding laser therapy to treatments for Artemis Racing athletes has been very positive. The use of the therapy laser has enabled us to add an additional component to our traditional treatments, returning them to activity faster than we imagined possible.

For example, Australian helmsman and Olympic gold medalist Nathan Outteridge had a severe ankle sprain that threatened to keep him out of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series event and the 2016 Rio Olympics. We added Class IV laser therapy to Outteridge’s treatment program. Within six days of the injury, he was able to compete in the America’s Cup World Series event and went on to win a silver medal in Rio.

“Once I suffered my ankle injury, I was worried I would miss the [America’s Cup] World Series racing and a large chunk of the Rio Olympic build-up campaign,” said Outteridge. “The use of the therapy laser treatment really aided my recovery, enabling me not to miss a single event as a result of this potentially serious injury.”

Craig Brown is the Owner and Clinical Manager for APEX Physiotherapy Orthopaedic and Sport Injury Clinic Ltd., in Hamilton, Bermuda.

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