December 14, 2017
A new survey of coaches, athletes, and parents reveals how much each group knows about concussions.
Optimum Performance
December 12, 2017
University of Oregon strength coach Adam Linens explains his approach to training speed and agility, in which he focuses on technique first.
Optimum Performance
December 8, 2017
Three books from Human Kinetics, titled Developing Speed, Developing Agility and Quickness, and Developing Endurance, can boost your athletes' training.
Sports Medicine
December 7, 2017
Injuries sustained during a collegiate career may plague athletes for the rest of their lives, prompting the question: Are the risks worth the rewards?   
December 5, 2017
By Craig Brown
December 1, 2017
A look at whether concussion laws implemented two years ago in Illinois have had their intended effect.


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