Optimum Performance
April 17, 2019
More students at high schools and colleges are using anti-anxiety medications or dealing with a form of depression than ever before. And the world of high school athletics is certainly not immune to the issue of mental health issues. • About one quarter of college athletes participating in a 2016 study reported "clinically relevant" levels of depressive symptom.
April 16, 2019
  Dr. Ken Leistner, who was simply known to many in the world of strength and conditioning, as “Dr. Ken,” passed away earlier this month. The fact that Dr. Ken had his degree and certification as a chiropractor (which is why was he called “Dr. Ken”) aided him in the areas of strength training and athleticism and paved the way to innovative ideas well before the strength & conditioning professional field gained prominence.
Sports Medicine
April 16, 2019
  By Dr. Erin Hassler, DAT, ATC, MS, LAT, PES Athletic trainers are healthcare professionals with a broad spectrum of skills and even expertise. We armed with an arsenal of tools that make us the go-to people. Athletic trainers are educators, emergency managers, advocates, and counselors, too.
April 13, 2019
  By Larry Cooper, MS, LAT, ATC   (from left to right): Walter "Kip" Smith, MEd, ATC, LAT,Larry Cooper, MS, LAT, ATC,David H. Perrin, PhD, AT Ret, FNATA.  Smith and Perrin are both members of the NATA Hall if Fame.
Strength and Conditioning
April 13, 2019
  By Mike Gentry So many times I’d hear coaches say that an athlete had stiff hips, or that so and so was a waist bender.  It’s hard to be an effective athlete if you can’t bend.  Many times it’s the football linemen or basketball player with long legs and a short torso that struggles.
New Research
April 9, 2019
  By Jeff G. Konin, PhD, ATC, PT, FACSM, FNATA