October 15, 2018
Why Flexall® Topical Pain Relieving Gels Are Invaluable In Training Room And Clinical Settings. Since 1987, Flexall® pain relieving gels have proven to be beneficial additions to sports medicine, injury prevention, rehabilitation, work hardening, and pain management programs.  Applied topically to the problem area, Flexall® gels provide fast, long-lasting relief from minor arthritis pain, simple backache, muscle strains and sprains, bruises and cramps. Flexall is versatile enough to aid in treating the acute, sub-acute, and chronic stages of injury.
Sports Medicine
October 12, 2018
Some people who undergo surgical ACL repairs continue to experience symptoms for months or even years afterward--and others don’t. New research suggests a reason why.
Optimum Performance
October 11, 2018
To put student-athlete well-being front and center, this author suggests developing a mental health work group in your athletic department or conference.  
October 10, 2018
The Orthopedic Physician Extender (OPE©) Program from the American Society of Orthopedic Professionals (ASOP) can support an Athletic Training Program’s compliance with Standard 78. In this roundtable, three AT Clinical Faculty who have aligned with the OPE© program discuss its benefits. 
Sports Medicine
October 8, 2018
President Donald Trump has signed the Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act, a law that protects sports medicine officials when they cross state lines to treat athletes under their care.
October 3, 2018
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