Sports Medicine
April 21, 2017
When baseball players at the University of North Carolina go to the athletic training room for rehab, they are greeted by Remi, a dog whose job it is to act as a stress reliever for injured athletes.
Injury Prevention
April 20, 2017
After a high school softball pitcher in Kentucky was struck by a line drive and sent to the hosptial, coaches are again discussing whether facemasks should be mandatory.
New Research
April 20, 2017
A new study reveals that the majority of Oregon high schools are not prepared to handle a sports-related catastrophic injury or health event.
Company News
April 20, 2017
Unique Advantages The NormaTec PULSE and PULSE PRO promote rapid recovery for athletes, helping to rehab and recover via dynamic compression. They are acclaimed as one of the most in-demand technologies in sports.
April 19, 2017
A baseball player wants to gain weight, a basketball player looks to maintain, and a runner seeks to lose weight. The case studies in this three-part article explain the nuances of knocking each scenario out of the park.