Optimum Performance
March 28, 2018
Mondo, an industry leader in sport flooring with millions of square feet of its high-performance athletic surfaces installed worldwide, recently introduced two new products: the Zone-It magnetic wall and flooring solution and Reflex HP.   New For 2018
Strength and Conditioning
March 27, 2018
Whether going for a first down or tracking a fly ball, coaches want athletes to do their job as efficiently and quickly as possible. Unfortunately, many athletes have been ingrained with a style of running that makes meeting this expectation difficult, no matter how much conditioning they engage in. The S-Force Performance Trainer from Matrix Fitness trains athletes’ bodies to utilize the correct form for sprinting, making them the fastest on the field of play.
March 27, 2018
  Over the years, many products have been developed to make things easier for coaches. Whether it’s breaking down video, charting plays, scouting opponents, or drawing playbooks, coaches can now do twice as much in  half the time. But for Adam Bauman, Director of Basketball Operations at the University at Buffalo, it’s more important to make things easier for players than coaches, which is why he likes Just Play so much.
Sports Medicine
March 27, 2018
In North Carolina, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is partnering with four Wilkes County high schools to provide an athletic trainer for each of their athletic programs. 
Sports Medicine
March 23, 2018
A sports medicine physician provides a look into his strategy for helping patients avoid opioid addiction when recovering from surgery or a difficult injury.
Sports Medicine
March 22, 2018
After being diagnosed with Wilson Disease, multi-sport athlete Sam Hill was forced to the sidelines at Fort Defiance (Va.) High School. This spring, athletic trainer Becky Anhold has figured out a way for him to still compete in baseball.


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