Injury Prevention
February 21, 2019
by Larry Cooper, MS, LAT, ATC All of us athletic trainers have some area where we want to improve. It might be because our confidence is low, we haven’t been exposed to too many of those injuries, or curiosity got the best of you.
Injury Prevention
February 20, 2019
Ice baths are often used to reduce inflammation of those sore muscles. They constrict the blood vessels, and this results in flushing the lactic acid out of the tissues and reducing the swelling. If the athlete gets out of the ice bath and begins to warm up , blood rushes back in to the muscle and boosts the recovery process.
February 18, 2019
The proper treatment of an athlete who suffered a concussion begins with timely reporting by the athlete.  It's not surprising, however, that the likelihood of an athlete coming forward about a concussion decreases greatly when an athletic trainer is not around on a regular basis.
Optimum Performance
February 15, 2019
Looking to emphasize the importance of sleep, the Peach Belt Conference issued sleep masks to all student-athletes in the league.
Strength and Conditioning
February 15, 2019
The University of Nebraska volleyball team has been one of the most dominant squads in NCAA Division I over the past decade. A secret to its success is its use of the Husker Power Performance Index.
Sports Medicine
February 15, 2019
Some injuries are easy to evalute and treat. But what do you do if an athlete presents with symptoms that don't point to a clear-cut diagnosis?