Continuing Education
March 2, 2019
By Amber Giacomazzi, MS, AT, ATC, CAT(C) An Athletic Training Program faculty member’s schedule is hectic during the school year. Preparing for lectures, exams, grading, advising, committee work, and research obligations comes with the territory. Being an Athletic Training faculty member is both rewarding and challenging. Professors understand that even if you remain organized, prepare your syllabi, assignments, and exams, you will still run into challenges.
Optimum Performance
March 1, 2019
The Peach Belt Conference (PBC) was recently looking for a unique way to kick off its educational campaign on the importance of adequate, high-quality sleep. It did so by distributing sleep masks to student-athletes at all member schools.
Injury Prevention
February 28, 2019
The Missouri Western State University athletic department recently added a six-month-old Australian Shepard therapy dog, named Myron, as a new member of the staff to help its student-athletes overcome their challenges. Myron was added to the department recently after mental health expert and athletic trainer Tim Neal was on campus to speak to the
Strength and Conditioning
February 26, 2019
LaVall Jordan was elevated to the head basketball coach at Butler University in June 2017, and following his first season leading the Bulldogs, he decided to act on a vision he had for future Butler players.
Strength and Conditioning
February 22, 2019
Strength coaches and coaches are always looking for unique activities that are not related specifically to the sport they are coaching, understanding that the more disimilar the activity is to the regular conditioning regimen, the more it will be enjoyed by the athletes. The Charlotte Checkers of the American Hockey League have taken on a new conditioning activity this season: boxing training.
Strength and Conditioning
February 21, 2019
The new age of using analytics to measure athleticism has resulted in many metrics that strength/conditioning coaches, athletic trainers and coaches have at their disposal for studying athlete performance. Still, there's one constant in evaluating athletic skills that has been used for decades: testing speed with sprints such as the 40-yard dash. And there's a definite reason for that: Testing speed is a huge part of many sports.