September 4, 2018
Training & Conditioning’s Continuing Education Program (CEP) can now provide BOC Approved Category A CEUs for its webinar series. Watching each webinar and passing the corresponding quiz will net the viewer 1.0 Category A CEUs. The CEP webinar series includes monthly webinars available both live and on demand. They will be conducted by leading sports medicine and strength and conditioning professionals focusing on latest research and ways to improve the way you work with athletes.
September 4, 2018
Med Spec offers the industry leading ASO® ankle stabilizer and the next evolution in ankle bracing technology, the EVO® ankle stabilizer.  Med Spec also offers the ultra-low-profile ASO® VORTEX® ankle stabilizer and EVO® Hinge ankle stabilizer. Med Spec is proud to introduce the Supinator™ PTT stabilizer for the treatment of posterior tibial tendon injuries.
September 4, 2018
Designed by a Professional Football Athletic Trainer the VICE firmly but comfortably pulls the distal fibula and tibia together to reduce stress and support the ligaments of the lower leg that are involved in a high ankle sprain injury. The VICE is constructed of 100% neoprene rubber, and utilizes a graded high-density foam insert to provide medial support that works in conjunction with the “Tri-Strap” system to maximize stabilization. A comfort heel strap maintains proper positioning in the shoe, reducing irritation.
September 4, 2018
Few things will put an athlete on the sidelines like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or other foot injuries. There are a variety of ways to decrease pain and promote healing including rest, icing the affected area, and using the Stretch-EZ™; This unique stretching aid assists in the treatment of foot injuries, even for people with limited range of motion.
Optimum Performance
August 29, 2018
To motivate and inspire its female athletes, Centennial (Minn.) High School held its first Female Athlete Symposium.


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