October 10, 2017
After nine months, preliminary observations from the ConTex concussion registry in Texas are available. Here, we break them down and address some of the challenges faced thus far.  
Sports Medicine
October 9, 2017
While wildfires persist in California, Oregon is creating new air quality guidelines for high school sports, in response to its surge or wildfires last month.
Strength and Conditioning
October 6, 2017
Hiring a professional strength and conditioning coach might seem like a low priority for high schools struggling with finances. But the benefits far exceed the cost.
Company News
October 5, 2017
Company News
October 5, 2017
NMP ForceDecks provides hardware and software solutions for integrating dual force platform technology. ForceDecks has taken technology that has historically been almost exclusively used within research settings and made it accessible to S&C professionals, ATC’s, and physiotherapists to use in their day-today operations in sports settings.
Company News
October 5, 2017
Every athlete has a different response to training. With the Firstbeat Team Heart Rate and Recovery Monitoring System, coaches can monitor and analyze each athlete’s unique response to training to better individualize training plans and better prepare athletes to perform at their best on game day. “Consistent training load and consistent recovery has shown to be a good way to maintain readiness and to prevent injury,” says Firstbeat Distributor John Lally.


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