September 2, 2019
  Prehab is a concept more and more athletic trainers are embracing to help minimize injuries on the field and reduce pain and soreness after events.  Prehab is defined as: any program or training designed to prevent sports injury.1  Outside of physical activity and/or manual treatments to “warm up” athletes, some rehab professionals are turning to modalities to help with this process.
August 6, 2019
Sponsored Content   Exertional heat stress poses a serious risk to people expected to practice or perform in environments where hot and humid conditions exist.
Sports Medicine
August 2, 2019
Hip arthroscopy refers to the viewing of the intra-articular aspect of the hip joint with the use of a small camera, the “scope.” The procedures performed during hip arthroscopy can vary from simple debridement procedures to more extensive labral repairs and reconstructions as well as bone reshaping. 
August 2, 2019
Have you ever taken a close look at a football player’s helmet? Surrounding the decals and logos, you’ll usually see scuffs and scratches that indicate where the player took a hit. Each one of these marks could also represent a “subconcussive” impact.
Strength and Conditioning
August 2, 2019
Under Head Coach Dino Babers, tempo is paramount. Our in-season strength and conditioning must reflect and accommodate that. But as a strength staff, we know that our in-season training must also meet the individual needs of our players, which necessitates flexibility and adaptation.