Sports Medicine
April 20, 2018
With an increased focus on the risks of osteoarthritis (OA), an athletic trainer discusses the benefits of taking a conservative approach to rehab and using patient-related outcome measures.
April 17, 2018
Athletic trainer David Csillan has always pictured his athletic department as a playground. And just like on a playground, everyone needs to find a way to get along.   
Strength and Conditioning
April 17, 2018
In early 2017, LightForce elevated laser technology to the next level with the introduction of its new “i-Series” of products. Featuring proprietary influence® Technology, the i-Series of therapeutic lasers harnesses a combination of software and hardware advances, designed to accelerate the resolution of a wide-range of clinical conditions. The newest innovation from LightForce
Strength and Conditioning
April 16, 2018
 Are you confident your coaches are getting the training they need—and that you want them to receive—from your current coach-certification solution? For many high school athletic directors, the answer increasingly is no—especially for those who rely on online courses. 
Optimum Performance
April 13, 2018
Human Kinetics offers dozens of resources that will help you develop an understanding of basic human physiology, design workouts and progressions specific to your sport, demonstrate proper exercise form and technique, and maximize your athletes’ potential. 
April 10, 2018
By: Heidi Strickler, RDN, CD Both local road travel and long-distance air travel can throw a wrench into an athlete’s eating routine and can compromise performance and overall health. Trouble sleeping, lack of refrigeration and familiar foods, time zone and climate changes, increased reliance on eating out, motion sickness, and inconsistent meal timing are just a few of the obstacles traveling athletes face. Read on for tips to optimize your athlete’s nutrition during travel.        Know Before You Go  


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