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Strength-Training Trends
Don’t guess when it comes
to improving power
The difference between winning and losing in sport usually comes down to the athlete’s ability to produce power over different periods of time and in different movement patterns. The VersaPulley allows strength coaches to create plyo- metric/eccentric loading in hori- zontal and vertical applications- -at any load, at any speed, and
in any plane within an infinite amount of exercise variation when training their athletes.
The IPU output from the VersaPulley then gives the strength coach a measurement tool to effectively deter- mine how much power is being produced in different planes of motion or for how long. This way, you are not blindly training power while monitoring athletes output levels.
The VersaPulley also trains “Reactive Strength--which is the link to becoming strong and fast. It does this using MV2 technology, a patented rotating inertial flywheel to provide resistance. The goal is to accelerate the flywheel then with decelerate or stopping the flywheel and then starting again, training in both the concentric and eccen- tric phases.
A unique aspect of the VersaPulley is the lack of im- pact, as feet remain planted on the ground throughout the movements, placing less stress on joints and still pro- viding a max inertial stretch-shortening stimulus to the muscle and nervous system. You can learn more by visit- ing
Take training to another level
PRIME Fitness is changing the way people think about strength equip- ment. Each piece of PRIME equipment is developed with an innovation-first approach and is carefully hand-crafted in the U.S.A.
PRIME equipment sets a new standard for training equipment. Rooted in science, PRIME has set out to cre- ate products that offer increased adjustability, versatility, and performance. From the functional customization of
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PRIME Squat Wedges (available in six incline options from five to 30 degrees) to PRIME’s flagship Smart- Strength technology, featured on all PRIME plate loaded and selectorized equipment, each piece of PRIME equip- ment will take your athlete’s training to another level.
In 2017, PRIME added a variety of new products to their already popular RO-T8 Family of accessories. The fam- ily, known for its biomechanical advantages, now fea- tures several RO-T8 attachment bar options, as well as PRIME’s newest addition, the RO-T8 3N1 Handles. The RO-T8 3N1 Handles, offered in 14” and 6” width op- tions, can be adjusted from a neutral grip, to a pronated or supinated position in just seconds.
Join the revolution and visit www.PRIMEfitnessUSA. com today to see how elevating your facility with PRIME equipment can elevate performance, on and off the field.
Lower risk of concussion
with neck strength
As the cloud of concussion continues to emerge over all sports, not just football, Lane Gainer SportsTM is con- tributing a proactive partial solution with its new neck- strengthening kit, Shingo ImaraTM. The two-part portable kit helps athletes of all ages develop greater strength, flex- ibility, and range of motion in the often untrained neck.
The first tool in the kit’s patented design fea- tures a non-slip head wrap and adjustable resistance tubing that loops around the skull (rather than a pull- away design) resulting in non-annoying snug- fitting use. This tool addresses all directions of head flex- ion, extension, and rotation.
The second tool in the kit combines four exercises that target neck muscles anchored in the torso and shoulders. Based on academic peer-reviewed studies that show in- creased neck strength reduces concussion risk, Lane Gainer has designed a simple tool that works all the ma- jor stabilizers for the head. Home use is encouraged as well as use at team practices because Shingo ImaraTM re- quires no weights or weightroom equipment. Parts sold individually or as a kit for about $50. Lane Gainer has dubbed the new product, “The Seatbelt for Sports!”TM. Learn more at
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