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Professional training tools for
every athlete, at every level
StrechCordz®, TurfCordz®, and MediCordz® are reg- istered trade names for resistance-based exercise tools made by NZ Manu- facturing in Ohio. They are high-quality, professional- strength products that are made in the USA. Noted for their high range of resistance levels and safety features, they are used by athletes at all levels - from high school to professional - to improve performance and rehabilitate injuries.
StrchCordz® swim training products are the original resis- tance training tools for in-water applications. Swimmers use StrechCordz resistance exercise products to improve stroke, strength, and endurance as well as for rehabilita- tion from sports injuries.
MediCordz® resistance products are used by leading thera- py clinics to facilitate rehabilitation from day-one through an athlete’s return to competition. Proven exercises and proven results make MediCordz products a favorite of athletic trainers, physical therapists, and chiropractors.
TurfCordz® products are the training tool for professional football, baseball, and basketball teams as well as Olympic training centers and many collegiate and highs school ath- letes. TurfCordz training tools provide resistance train- ing to increase stamina, improve agility, and speed at the highest levels of athletic training.
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A tool for building speed
efficiently and effectively
Top teams train with the Run Rocket. Three of the four teams that played in the Col- lege Football Playoff tourna- ment this past season use the Run Rocket as part of their strength and conditioning program. This includes na- tional champion Alabama, which has purchased several Run Rockets.
Strength-Training Trends
The Run Rocket consists of a flywheel resistance mecha- nism that has a strap that attaches to a harness that ath- letes wear. Click the strap to the athlete’s harness and watch their form as they power through the sprint. When they are finished. When they are finished, the cord automati- cally retracts with no dangerous pull-back. The adjustable level of resistance offered by the Run Rocket allows per- formance strength coaches and coaches to target specific mechanics.
“It’s an innovative piece,” says Lance Walker, the Global Di- rector of Performance for Michael Johnson Performance (MJP) in McKinney, Texas. “We do a fair amount of resist- ed sprint work, and we’ve been doing it for years. We found that the Run Rocket is just an absolutely necessary tool if you’re training speed. You can’t get away without using it.”
Use sensory integration to
boost testing and training
Exertools is a leading manu- facturer, supplier, and in- novator of activity specific training, conditioning, reha- bilitation and evaluation products for strength and conditioning, athletic training, and sports rehab professionals. The company’s focus for 2018 address- es the emerging trend of Sensory Integration in two key segments.
1. Testing & Measurement.
Exertools is a master dealer distributor of Senaptec, Wood- way-Tecnobody, and Computer Sports Medicine. When applied correctly, a combination of the systems offered by these companies allows health and wellness professionals to evaluate an athlete’s fitness level within multiple physi- ological system parameters. This can be done separately or in combination with controlled and uncontrolled, and conscious and unconscious environments.
2. Activity Specific Training.
New products allow isolated parameters within activity specific training as well as integrated sensory and neuro/ muscular system strategies. Exertools is proud to be the manufacturer’s master dealer distributor of many time- tested and clinically proven products as well as many new ones. These include: 3ACT Slide, CoreGlide, CoreStix, CorTex, DynaDiscs, Lifeline Jungle Gym XT, Plyoback Re- flex rebounder, Senaptec sensory eyewear, Tecnobody Iso- Free, and Workout Graphics. Learn more at
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