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Strength-Training Trends
one pair and at a fraction of the cost of traditional dumbbells.
With PowerBlock, athletes at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla. can do a variety of exercises without leaving their station. There is no more worry about constantly moving dumbbells or having them loose around the weight room. And groups accomplish more, as two athletes can use a set simultaneously when engaging in single arm exercises.
“We don’t have people walking between stations or through exercises,” says Scott Gadeken, the Academy’s Head of Physi- cal Conditioning. “And everything stays up tempo because there is no waiting for dumbbells. They help us get more done in a safer and more efficient manner.” Learn more at power-
Serious hydration is available in
a new flavor
The Right StuffTM is a NASA-devel- oped electrolyte, liquid concentrate, drink additive for those who work and compete hard and sweat a lot. Although it’s based in science, there
are some things science can’t also solve, such as which flavor is best. So, for 2018, The Right Stuff has added grape to its list of flavors, joining berry blend, lemon lime, strawberry kiwi, orange tangerine, lemonade, and cherry lime.
Regardless of the flavor, The Right Stuff will help athletes recover faster. Its blend of electrolytes without sugar goes more rapidly into the bloodstream than any other tested sports drink. Originally designed to address the extreme hydration challenges faced by astronauts, The Right Stuff also protects athletes quickly from dehydration symptoms and protects them by preventing athlete headaches, improv- ing core thermoregulation, lowering blood acidity, fighting muscle fatigue, averting cramps, and increasing endurance.
It comes in single-serve pouches with tear-off top pouches that are designed to be squeezed into at least 16 ounces of water. Each batch is tested at independent, third-party facili- ties to ensure that the product does not contain any WADA- listed banned substances and that there are no contami- nants. The Right Stuff participates in the NSF Certified for Sport testing program. It’s used by professional, college, high school, and Olympic teams across the country, as well as in- dustrial workers, firefighters, and military personnel. Learn more at
Four lectures and hands-on sessions at each location with nationally known presenters!
FEBRUARY 24, 2018	Tampa, FL MARCH 17, 2018	Boston, MA
APRIL 14, 2018	Durham, NC APRIL 28, 2018	Atlanta, GA
Over 60 great presenters with 2 lectures and 2 hands-on sessions every 90 minutes.
JUNE 1 – 3, 2018
Orlando, Florida
JUNE 29 – JULY 1, 2018
Providence, Rhode Island
JULY 27 – 29, 2018
Chicago, Illinois
AUGUST 17 – 19, 2018
Long Beach, California
MAY 12, 2018	Tacoma, WA
FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REGISTER CALL 800-556-7464 OR VISIT Text Name/School and “TC1164” to 607-882-1273 for info

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