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Strength-Training Trends
Products with Kevlar®	can help
increase strength and
More and more people are discov- ering that Kevlar® has several ad- vantages when used in products for strength and conditioning. This fi- ber is low weight and high strength. When used as a composite with rubber, it retains its flexibility.
Bill Jacobs Power Company offers many strength and conditioning products that are utilize the advantages of DupontTM Kevlar fiber. These products include:
• XD Kevlar Rubber Med Balls featuring a unique custom pattern that provides grippy texture to aid in catching, throwing, slamming, or moving with the ball.
• XD Kevlar Bumper Plates, that allow for even and bal- anced bounce when dropped.
• XD Kevlar Foam Plyo Boxes, constructed so that ath- letes can jump with confidence and push their limits on taller boxes.
Takes your athletes from "me and my" to teamwork mentality.
Teamwork can’t be taught, it has to be caught! Proven research shows that by using a Power Plus 2 Team-Building Machine, players get stronger, faster than ever, while forging powerful teamwork.
• XD Kevlar Weight Belt: The only weighted belt on the market built with Kevlar® fiber. This ultra-durable belt cinches around the waist to provide a comfortable way add weight to your workouts that is easy to take off and put on.
For more information on these Kevlar products and other equipment for the strength and conditioning of your ath- letes, visit
Save space by replacing racks
of dumbbells
Finding enough space train- ing facility is a common problem for schools at all levels. This can make it dif- ficult to find the right area to put a full rack of dumbbells.
PowerBlock commercial dumbbells could be the solution to this problem. There are five sizes available: 4-32, 10-50, 5-90, 12.5-125, and 12.5-175 pounds per hand. Power- Blocks can replace racks of dumbbells in the space of just
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