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MA New Way to Train Speed and Power
atrix recently launched a brand new modality called the S-ForceTM Performance Trainer. The S-Force’s
unique design will challenge all users and create a new experience in performance training facilities. With a specifically designed motion, two active positions and magnetic resistance, the S-Force helps athletes build speed and power while taking workouts to the next level.
To help people understand the research and development behind creation of the S-Force, Matrix Fitness’s Director of Product Development Peter Sell, who led the project to bring the S-Force to life, answered some questions about its creation.
What was the driving factor to begin development of the S-Force?
Taking feedback from customers and noting market trends, we sought out to create a product with a unique, beneficial movement that would be a great solution for high intensity training. In order to reach a wide range of user abilities, we also saw the benefit of ensuring it featured a low impact design.
What do you believe is the key feature of the S-Force?
It is difficult to pick one feature, but the leg motion with the long 36” stride sets the
machine apart, allowing users of all sizes to maximize their stride and get a great workout.
How did you ensure the S-Force was a credible solution for Athletic Performance in actually driving results?
In order to obtain user feedback, we brought early samples to various training facilities that used the product as a high intensity training product. By having trainers and coaches use the product with their clients, we gathered valuable feedback on how the product would be used.
One of the facilities included an established speed coach, who found the benefit of what we call the “acceleration position” to improve an athlete’s power. Additional feedback we received from other test sites influenced our design that provides various user positions. We used this info to create the design, and in turn conducted an EMG study to show how muscle activation changes based on the user position to verify the results.
About the Company:
Among the world’s premier commercial fitness brands, Matrix Fitness has the most robust product portfolio in the industry.
For more info on Matrix Fitness visit;or call 866-693-4863
Did You Know:
The S-Force Performance Trainer from Matrix Fitness uses specifically designed motion, two active positions, and magnetic resistance to help build speed and power.
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